Executive Summary:

Download PDF of whole NAMI-NYS White Paper on Kendra’s Law

NAMI NYS Kendra’s Law Study

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill – New York State represents 58 affiliate organizations with more than 5,000 members throughout New York State. The majority of its members belong to families with loved ones who have a mental illness, including loved ones who are being served by Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) through Kendra’s Law, which will “sunset” on June 30, 2005. This report discusses our members’ experiences with AOT.

Sources of this report include interviews with 20 families with loved ones on court-ordered AOT. To maintain their confidentiality, family members are identified by a fictitious first name and the (real) region they are from. Sources of this report also include interviews with 41 NAMI-NYS affiliate leaders, several AOT providers and a meeting with the Director of Assisted Outpatient Treatment for the New York State Office of Mental Health.

AMI-NYS research found that such Assisted Outpatient Treatment has a positive impact, not only on the lives of those who are “on AOT,” but also on the mental health system. AOT works and can work well when properly implemented, not only saving lives but giving individuals much brighter futures. For these reasons, we urge the state to enact a new Kendra’s Law and make it permanent.

Download PDF of whole NAMI-NYS White Paper on Kendra’s Law