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Breaking News: NYC Mayoral Hopeful Nicole Malliotakis Introduces Great Mental Illness Platform…..Oped in Daily News on police training….Excellent Manhattan Institute Forum on Serious Mental Illness (video)DJ Jaffe on NY-1 on Kendra’s Law….Mental Health Court Judge Matthew D’Emic attends funeral of someone he tried to help….

Kendra’s Law Overview

Kendra’s Law (New York Mental Hygiene Law § 9.60) allows courts to order certain individuals with serious mental illness to stay in treatment for up to a year while continuing to live in the community. Simultaneously, the court orders the mental health system to provide the treatment, thereby overcoming its reluctance to serve the most seriously ill (cherry-picking). The generic name for Kendra’s Law is “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” (AOT). It is less restrictive, expensive and more humane than the alternatives: inpatient commitment or incarceration.

Kendra’s Law Info and Studies

Kendra’s Law Overview

Guide to Kendra’s Law

New May 2017: Making Kendra’s Law Permanent

Our NYS & Kendra’s Law Facebook Page

Improvements Needed



Summary Chart: 10 Kendra’s Law Studies (PDF)

Kendra’s Law Studies by Outcome

AOT Reduces Violence

2017- Manhattan Institute Report on Success 

Kendra’s Law cuts costs in half

Calculation: Savings and Cost if Kendra’s Law implemented

Research: Kendra’s Law Reduces arrests and violence

Research: Kendra’s Law Reduces Crime

Research: Kendra’s Law Reduces arrests

Research: Kendra’s Law Reduces hospital admissions

Research: Kendra’s Law Increases Medication compliance

Research: Kendra’s Law Nondiscriminatory

Research: Kendra’s Law Improves Mental Health System

Research: Kendra’s Law increased mental health system’s capacity

Research: Kendra’s Law: Favorable Impact on Consumers

Research: Kendra’s Law has long-term positive impact

Research: Learning from Regional variations

2009 Kendra’s Law Study

2005 Kendra’s Law Study



Major Organizations

Selected National AOT supporters

Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC)

Department of Justice


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

National Sheriffs Association (NSA)

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)

International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

Selected Statewide Supporters

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NYS)

Hospital Association of State of NY (HANYS)

Public Employees Federation (PEF)

Manhattan Institute

NYS Sheriff’s Association

NYS Association of Chiefs of Police (NYSACOP)

District Attorney’s Association of State of NY (DAASNY)

Selected Regional/Local Supporters

Harlem Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NAMI/Familya of Rockland County

NAMI Orange County

NAMI Madison County

NAMI of Buffalo and Erie County

NAMI of Montgomery, Fulton, Hamilton Counties

NAMI Chataqua County

Albany County Forensic Task Force

NAMI Schenectady

NAMI/Albany Relatives

NAMI-Friends of NYS Psychiatric Institute

NAMI Champlain Valley

NAMI of NYC/Staten Island

NAMI Huntington

NAMI Syracuse

NAMI North Country

Citizen’s Crime Commission of NYC

Westchester County Police Association

Orange County Police Chiefs Association

Mid-Hudson Chiefs of Police Association

New Windsor Police Department

Town of Chester, NY Police Department

Town of Mechanicville, Police Department

Town of Cornwall Police Department

Village of Trumansburg Police

Town of Lloyd Police Department

Town of Lowville Police Department

Port Washington Police District

Elmira Heights Police Department

City of Olean Police Department

Highland Falls Police Department

City of Cohoes Police Department

Ardsley Police Department

Plattsburg Police Department

Niagara Police Department

Colonie Police Department

Skanateles Police Department

Webster Police Department

Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department

West Seneca, NY Police Department

Franklin County Probation Department

Broome County District Attorney

Sharon Carpinello, Past Commissioner, NYS OMH

Senator Catharine Young 

Pat Webdale, mother of Kendra Webdale

Andrew Goldstein: Pushed Kendra

Edgar Rivera, lost legs in subway pushing

Analysis and Source Documents

Kendra’s Law Analysis

Kendra’s Law Loopholes that need closing

Improvements Needed

Constitutional challenges to Kendra’s Law

Myths about AOT

NAMI/NYS Kendra’s Law White Paper

NAMI/NYS Kendra’s Law White Paper (PDF)

Olmstead requires NYS to use Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law: National Law Journal

NAMI/NYS Testimony

2005 TAC Testimony

2005 Jaffe Testimony

Source documents

Forms to Access AOT

Contacts to Get in Kendra’s Law (AOT)

Text of Kendra’s Law

2017 Renewal and Improvement Bill

2014 Kendra’s Law Improvements introduced

2011 Bill to Improve Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law Editorials and opeds


Collected Kendra’s Law  editorials (2010-2013)

New York Times supports

NY Daily News Supports (2012)

Daily News Supports (2010)

NY Post supports

Newsday supports

Albany Times Union supports

Buffalo News supports


Kendra’s subway pusher on Kendra’s Law (2012)

Mental Illness Policy Org on Kendra’s Law (2012)

Albany Times Union (2012 Letter)

Op-ed by Kendra’s Law Sponsors (2012)

NY Daily News op-ed by DJ Jaffe (2012)

Schenectady Gazette Letter supports Kendra’s Law (2012)

Ithaca Journal op-ed supports Kendra’s Law (2012)

Bellucci Supports Kendra’s Law (2011 Journal News)

Manhattan Institute oped (2011)

NY Daily News Op-ed Supports Kendra’s Law (Jaffe, 2011)

Pat Webdale on daughter Kendra (2010, Buffalo News)

Michael Biasotti: Police Chief (2010)

Legislature makes Kendra’s Law mistake (2010)

Involuntary Treatment Saves Lives (Forbes/Jaffe 2010)

Gannett Oped (Jaffe, 2010)

Make Kendra’s Law Permanent (Buffalo News Jaffe 2010)

2010 studies on Kendra’s Law (Huffington Post)

Help Mentally Ill New Yorkers (Daily News, Jaffe, 2008)

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Works (Torrey&Post, 2008)

NY Post-Remembering Kendra Webdale (2005, Torrey)

Albany Times Union Mary Barber (2005)

Kendra’s Law Supports Inmates (Torrey/Zdanowicz, Buffalo News 2002)

Right to Mental Illness  (Torrey/Zdanowicz/Post, 1999)

Sheldon Silver on Kendra’s Law (1999)


Myths about Kendra’s Law

Myths about AOT

Scientology Opposition


Myths spread by NYAPRS

Myths spread by: We the People

Obstruction by Mental Health Directors

Myth: Consumers oppose AOT

Myth: AOT infringes Civil Libertarians

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NY City Mental Illness Policy

Policy Papers, Interviews and Articles

Nicole Malliotakis Mental Illness Platform

Manhattan Inst. forum with Belkin/Jaffe/D’Emic(2017)

Why Thrive NYC is Failing (PDF)

NYC Mental Health Data (PDF)

MIPO Suggestions to Reduce Incarcerations

InFocus with Cheryl Wills on Kendra’s Law & ThriveNYC (video)

Brian Lehrer (radio) on NYC Violence by Mentally Ill (Radio-2016)

Daily News oped on Failure of NYC Mental Health Plan (2016)

NY Post Editorial on Failure of NYC Mental Health Plan (2016)

NY Post oped on problems with ThriveNYC Plan (2015)

Bill to evaluate mentally ill discharged from jail (TV 2014)

Deblasio Panel on Mentally Ill at Rikers fails

NYC Dept. of Mental Health Fails to serve seriously ill

NYC Source Documents

NYPD Inspector General on Serious Mental Illness (2017)

Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report (2017)

NYC First Lady defends NYC Mental Health System (radio-2016)

Psychiatric Hospitalizations in NYC (2016)

ThriveNYC 150 Day Progress Report (2016)

ThriveNYC Mental Health Roadmap (2015)

NYC Mental Illness White Paper (2015)

NYC SAFE – Plan to help Seriously Ill (2015 press release)

NYC-SAFE to reduce violence (2015 story)

NYC Statistics on seriously mentally ill (2015)

NYC Crim Just/Behavioral Health Report (2014)

NYS/NYC Criminal Justice/Mental Health Report (2008)

NYS Mental Illness Policy Issues

“Capital Pressroom” on NYS Mental Health Budget (start at 36:40)

300 Preventable Tragedies in NYS

Gov. Cuomo Wrong to Close Psychiatric Hospitals

Police Chiefs warn against closing hospitals

$665 million waste at NYS OMH

Proposal: Eliminate NYS OMH

NYS Should spend on seriously ill, not ‘worried-well’ (2013 Mipo  oped)

Gun Control & Mental Illness Law NYS SAFE Act

NYS Chiefs of police on Guns & Kendra’s Law (2012)

Poor OMH Leadership (2012 Times Union)

Mission Creep (2010 NY Post)

NYS Mission Creep (2011 National Review)

Focus on serious mental illness (Huff Po)

Merge OMH and DOH (Albany Times Union)

Eliminate OMH (1/11)

Eliminate OMH (5/10)

Mental Health Courts

Consider past history in civil commitment

Why Treating Seriously Mentally Ill Is Important

Uncivil Liberties: Most Important article on site

Consequences of untreated mental illness

5000 mentally ill suicide

1000 Homicides by mentally ill

175,000 Homeless mentally ill

Criminalizing mentally ill

More mentally ill victimized

Increased Violence by mentally ill

MacArthur Violence Study

MacArthur Study Update

Overview of Anosognosia

Anosognosia & Noncompliance

Violence by Anosognosiacs