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BREAKING NEWS:  Video: Manhattan Institute Symposia on Serious Mental Illness (excellent).  


Are people with mental illness more violent?

What can make people with serious mental illness become violent?


Almost everyone has issues with involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment. This site rather than saying “it’s a difficult issue” and dropping it, attempts to study the science and law to come up with policies that balance the right of patients to have freedom, their right to receive treatment, the public’s right to safety, and sound fiscal policy. And while not advocating mass institutionalization, we recognize that the dearth of hospital beds has caused mass incarceration.
Please Read Uncivil Liberties

Consequences of Status Quo

Violence and mental illness

Increased violence by mentally ill

Mental illness tragedies in PA

Mental illness tragedies in MA

Mental illness tragedies in OH

Mental illness tragedies in NY

Mental illness tragedies in MD

Mental illness tragedies in WV

300 Preventable NY tragedies

National plan to reduce violence

Homicide of mental health workers

63% of mass shootings by mentally ill

Mass murder often mental illness related

Violence studies often flawed

Swedish violence study

Mental illness violence predictors

MacArthur violence study

MacArthur study update

Stigma and violent mentally ill

Homicide rate tied to commitment laws

Other Consequences

Consequences of untreated serious mental illness

2 million untreated mentally ill

5000 mentally ill suicide

1000 Homicides by mentally ill

175000 homeless mentally ill

Cost of homeless mentally ill

Criminalizing mentally ill

Increased criminal justice costs

Mentally ill victimized

Mental health systems overwhelmed

Poorer prognosis for mentally ill


5000 mentally ill suicide

Do Antipsychotics cause suicide

Medical Basis

Meds Reduce Violence (WSJ)

Meds reduce violence (study)

Serious mental illnesses are biological

Misdiagnosis of mental illness

Mental illness changes brain structure

Effect of antipsychotics (study)

Requiring danger delays treatment

Cognition in mentally Ill

Involuntary medication

Outpatient treatment cuts incarceration & costs (study)


Schizophrenia brain scans

Schizophrenia fact sheet

Schizophrenia delusions

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar brain scans

Bipolar fact sheet

Noncompliance, Lack of Insight& Anosognosia

Why mentally ill refuse medications

Anosognosia overview

Brain Picture of anosognosia

Anosognosia & noncompliance

Anosognosia & violence

Diagnosing anosognosia

Anosognosia publication

Myths, Opposition, and Impediments to Reform

Myths about AOT

Old AOT research in circulation

Psychiatry vs. antipsychiatry

SAMHSA is impeditment

SAMHSA funds antipsychiatry

Myths about consumers

Myths about medicines

Myths about stigma

Stigma not important

Coercion is patient-centered

Involuntary Treatment doesn’t drive patient From care

Opposition: NYAPRS

Opposition: We the people

Mental Illness Awareness Week hurts

Big pharma buys psychiatrists

P&A (PAMII/PAIMI) lawyers

National Law Journal


Misinformed advocates

Schizophrenia advocacy vs. mental health advocacy

Mental Health vs Mental Illness Advocacy


Not everyone recovers

Robert Whitaker criticism

Mindfreedom, Scientology, CCHR

Coping Tips

Coping with mental illness in family

Treating Schizophrenia

How to make 911 respond

Electroconvulsive therapy/shock treatment

How families can force mental health system to treat a loved one

Estate planning & special needs trusts

Handling paranoia & symptoms

Advance directives & health care proxies

Access involuntary commitment

Schizophrenia vs. demonic possession

Consumer Perspectives

Donny Buchanan (put on AOT after shooting)

Mary Gibson Leek (high functioning bully others)

Anna Lisa Johansan (daughter of Letterman stalker)

Robert Lundin (coping)

Jon Stanley (deteriorated and recovered)

J. Nelson Kull (consumers thoughts on AOT)

Valerie Fox: (monitoring helps)

Ed Francell (beds help)

Family Perspectives

Aaron Bassler (shot/was shot)

How PAIMI caused Amy Bruce Death

Jenna Ward (sibling)

Peter Earley (parent)

Pat Webdale (daughter murdered)

Morgan Claire (wife)

Karen and James Logan (son shot cops)

Michael Biasotti (police chief)

Brother deinstitutionalization

Use Assisted Outpatient Treatment

AOT Supporters

NAMI endorses AOT

SAMHSA endorses AOT

DOJ endorses AOT

AHRQ endorses AOT

Catholic Bishops endorse AOT

American Psychiatric Assoc.

National Sheriff’s Assoc.

International Assoc of Chiefs of Police Endorse AOT (PDF)

AOT Data and Facts

What is Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Summary: national AOT research

Kendra’s Law research (PDF)

Laura’s Law research (PDF)

# elgible for AOT by state and projected savings

Fed Funds pilot AOT programs

Learning from Laura’s Law

AOT Reduces violence (studies)

Guide to AOT

Model AOT law

Medicaid reimbursement of AOT

Civil commitment standards.

NY Kendra’s Law constitutional

AOT constitutional

AOT cuts costs in half

AOT & Law Enforcement: Facts

Coercion and mental illness

AOT research by outcome

Florida Baker Act research

Consumers support AOT

AOT proven racially neutral

AOT and racial equality

AOT improves mental health system

AOT reduces recidivism

AOT reduces crime

2009 AOT study overview

AOT increases medication compliance

AOT increases resources

AOT reduces arrests

AOT reduces hospitalization

Outpatient commitment: long-term benefits

Judge Randy Rogers

Reform Involuntary Commitment and Treatment Laws

Civil Rights analysis: Uncivil Commitment

Involuntary commitment (legal)

Involuntary commitment (medical)

13 involuntary commitment reforms

How to change involuntary treatment laws

Involuntary treatment standards

Proposal for nationwide commitment standards

Model civil commitment standard

Involuntary commitment at first break

Dangerousness standard delays treatment

Preserve psychiatric hospitals & Modify Medicaid

Medicaid causes deinstitutionalization (very good)

Olmstead causes deinstitutionalization – oped

Olmstead causes deinstitutionalization – case history

95,000 psychiatric beds needed

Formula to estimate shortage

Longer psychiatric hospital stays needed

IMD Analysis – short

Institutes for Mental Disease Exclusion – detailed overview

IMD – legal analysis

Trade Assoc. Paper: Ending IMD Exclusion (10/17)

Do we still need hospitals-study

Deinstitutionalization failed (WSJ)

Where are deinstitutionalized-survey?

Deinstitutionalization continues

NAMI Policy: IMD Exclusion

NASMHPD Policy: IMD Exclusion

Language to end IMD Exclusion

Washington Hearings: Psychiatric Bed Shortage

Video: Congressional hearings on hospital bed shortage

Rep. Tim Murphy statement

Chief Biasotti written testimony

Chief Biasotti video testimony

Sheriff Dart written testimony

Sheriff Dart video testimony

Judge Liefman written testimony

Judge Liefman video testimony

Lisa Ashley (mom) testimony

Gunther Stern (homeless) testimony

Dr. Jon Mark Herson testimony

Dr. Jeffrey Geller testimony

Prioritize mental “illness” instead of mental “health”

Mental health advocates mislead Congress – oped

Where we spend vs. should spend

Mental health vs. mental illness – speech

Mental “health” kills mentally “ill”

SAMHSA won’t prioritize seriously ill

President’s New Freedom report on mental illness wrong

PTSD not always serious

Defining mental “illness” in mental “health” policy

Reform Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity and Not Fit for Trial

Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) is inadequate

NGRI is punishment – report

Man who killed cop ordered freed or retried – AZ

Fit to stand trial

Arizona v. Clark – news

Clark v. Arizona – amicus

Multi-State Studies

Inpatient/Outpatient commitment standards by state

National mental health expenditures

Waste, Fraud, Excess Profits

10X as many mentally ill incarcerated as hospitalized

Who can petition for nvoluntary commitment by state

Psychiatric hospital bed shortage by state

State by state use of jails vs. hospitals

States lacking “need for treatment” standard

Severe mental illness: management and impact on homeland security

Homicide rate tied to commitment laws

Does Olmstead requires states use AOT?

Need for treatment” – cases

Model Assisted Outpatient Treatment Law

AOT constitutional

NYS AOT constitutional

Antipsychotics and legal implications

Progressive 5th Standard – WI

P&A Lawyers impede reform

Consider past history in commitment proceedings

HIPAA (Patient Confidentiality)

Analysis: HIPAA gun regs

Actual HIPAA gun regs

Congress to overturn HIPAA Regs (2017)

HIPAA Handcuffs parents (PDF)

Supreme and other Court Decisions

Mental Illness & Supreme Court Decisions

O’Connor v. Donaldson (survive safely)

Wyatt v. Stickney (right to treatment)

Zinermon v Burch (informed consent)

Clark v. Arizona news (NGRI)

Clark v. Arizona amicus (NGRI)

Jurasek v. Utah (forced medication)

Kansas v. Hendricks (SVP)

Lessard v. Schmidt (due process & dangerous)

Rennie v. Klein (refuse meds)

Richard Roe (substitute judgement)

Riese v. St. Mary’s (involuntary medication)

Rogers v. Okin (competent)

Souder v. Brennan (Min wage for work therapy)

Olmstead may put seriously ill at risk

Criminal Justice

International Assoc of Chiefs of Police Endorse AOT (PDF)

DOJ Endorses AOT

NYS Chefs of Police endorse AOT

National Sheriffs Assoc endorse AOT.

Florida Sheriffs endorse Baker Act

Interagency Board on AOT & civil commitment standards

Mental illness strains law enforcement – national survey

10X as many mentally ill incarcerated as hospitalized

AOT & law enforcement – facts

Officer involved shootings – study

115 Officers killed by mentally ill

CIT should be 2-way street

Mentally ill killed by police

Homicide rate tied to commitment laws

Judge comments on AOT

Mental Illness and law enforcement

Community policing tactics and mental illness

Chief Biasotti written testimony:

Chief Biasotti video testimony

Sheriff Dart written Testimony

Sheriff Dart video Testimony

Judge Liefman Written Testimony

Judge Liefman Video Testimony

FBI on mentally Ill

Mentally ill more likely jailed than treated

Untreated mental illness increases crimal justice costs

Consequences to law enforcement

Mental illness treatment in jail

Mental Illness and corrections system

Ohio judge oped on AOT

Analysis of NYC Mental Health Courts

Media Articles

By Dr. E. Fuller Torrey

Dr. Fuller Torrey, CV

Government Spending

Freedom Punishes Mentally ill

Deinstitutionalization Deadly

Violence and mental illness

Stigma result of violence

Why mentally ill go Untreated

Mentally Ill Rampage Killers

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Works

Overwhelmed local mental health systems (PPT)

California’s psychiatric system

Fuller Torrey in Washingtonian

Fuller Torrey Salon Magazine Interview

Fuller Torrey Washington Post

Presidential Commission Wrong (Torrey, Zdanowicz, Satel, Lowry)

Dr. Fuller Torrey & Other Videos

Editorials and Opeds

Uncivil Liberties (Must Read)

Rational Commitment Laws (DJ Jaffe/Rael Isaac)

Involuntary Treatment Saves Lives (Jaffe)

Huffington Post on Mental Illness

Mental Illness and Violence(DJ Jaffe/Sally Satel)

Medicaid Prevents Mental Health Care (Jaffe/Zdanowicz)

Russel Weston & Civil Liberties (Beth Barber)

Unfit to stand trial (Torrey/Zdanowicz)

Beds Deter Dangerousness (Lieberman)

Not everyone recovers (Mary Zdanowicz)

From Asylum to cell (Sally Satel)

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New York Kendra’s Law (AOT)


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Summary of Studies

Improvements Proposed

Kendra’s Law Overview

Guide to Kendra’s Law

Text of Kendra’s Law

Text of Bill to Improve Kendra’s Law

Cracks in Kendra’s Law

90 Preventable Tragedies NYS

Mental Health Directors Oppose

Myths about Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law Nondiscriminatory

Kendra’s Law Reduces Crime

Kendra’s Law Improves Mental Health System

Opposition to Kendra’s Law

Impact on Consumers

Kendra’s Law Increases Medication compliance

Kendra’s Law Reduces Arrests

Kendra’s Law Reduces hospital admissions

Benefits of AOT last long-term

Kendra’s Law Regional variations

Kendra’s Law increased Service capacity

2009 Kendra’s Law Study

2005 Kendra’s Law Study

NAMI/NYS White Paper

NAMI/NYS Policy Suggestions

Kendra’s Law Studies

Research in support of improvements

Constitutional challenges to Kendra’s Law

Opposition: From We the People

Myths About Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law: National Law Journal

Past history in commitment

Forms to Access AOT

Kendra’s Law Contacts

Editorial Support

New York Times supports Kendra’s Law

Daily News and Kendra’s Law

NY Post supports Kendra’s Law

Newsday supports Kendra’s Law

Albany Times Union supports AOT

Buffalo News supports Kendra’s Law

Gannett Newspaper supports Kendra’s Law

Oped Support

Help Mentally Ill Inmates

Gannett Papers

NY Post on Remembering Kendra Webdale

Sheldon Silver on Kendra’s Law

Pat Webdale on daughter Kendra

Help mentally Ill New Yorkers

Right to Mental Illness

Michael Biasotti: Police Chief

Make Kendra’s Law Permanent

Albany Times Union Mary Barber

Organizational Support

List of Mental Health and other supporters

NAMI/NYS Testimony

2005 TAC Testimony

2005 Jaffe Testimony

Former NYS OMH Commissioner

NYS Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

Westchester Police Chiefs

Mid-Hudson Police

Windsor Police

Orange County Police

Portchester Chiefs of Police


New York Site (Facebook here)

California Site (Facebook here)

Kentucky Site

Tennessee Site

Connecticut Facts

Colorado Facts


Florida Baker Act research

FL Sheriffs Call for reform

Treatment cuts incaceration & costs (study)

Violence Commission Report

Important Links

Mental Illness Policy Org on Facebook

Database of violent incidents and mental illness

Treatment Advocacy Center

Pete Earley’s blog

National Institute of Mental Health

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBR)

International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO)