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Are people with mental illness more violent?

What can make people with serious mental illness become violent?


Almost everyone has issues with involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment. This site rather than saying “it’s a difficult issue” and dropping it, attempts to study the science and law to come up with policies that balance the right of patients to have freedom, their right to receive treatment, the public’s right to safety, and sound fiscal policy. And while not advocating mass institutionalization, we recognize that the dearth of hospital beds has caused mass incarceration.
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Consequences of Status Quo

Medical Basis

Myths, Opposition, and Impediments to Reform

Coping Tips

Consumer Perspectives

Family Perspectives

Use Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Reform Involuntary Commitment and Treatment Laws

Preserve psychiatric hospitals & Modify Medicaid

Prioritize mental “illness” instead of mental “health”

Reform Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity and Not Fit for Trial

Multi-State Studies

Criminal Justice

Media Articles

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New York Kendra’s Law (AOT)


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Summary of Studies

Improvements Proposed

Kendra’s Law Overview

Guide to Kendra’s Law

Text of Kendra’s Law

Text of Bill to Improve Kendra’s Law

Cracks in Kendra’s Law

90 Preventable Tragedies NYS

Mental Health Directors Oppose

Myths about Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law Nondiscriminatory

Kendra’s Law Reduces Crime

Kendra’s Law Improves Mental Health System

Opposition to Kendra’s Law

Impact on Consumers

Kendra’s Law Increases Medication compliance

Kendra’s Law Reduces Arrests

Kendra’s Law Reduces hospital admissions

Benefits of AOT last long-term

Kendra’s Law Regional variations

Kendra’s Law increased Service capacity

2009 Kendra’s Law Study

2005 Kendra’s Law Study

NAMI/NYS White Paper

NAMI/NYS Policy Suggestions

Kendra’s Law Studies

Research in support of improvements

Constitutional challenges to Kendra’s Law

Opposition: From We the People

Myths About Kendra’s Law

Kendra’s Law: National Law Journal

Past history in commitment

Forms to Access AOT

Kendra’s Law Contacts

Editorial Support

New York Times supports Kendra’s Law

Daily News and Kendra’s Law

NY Post supports Kendra’s Law

Newsday supports Kendra’s Law

Albany Times Union supports AOT

Buffalo News supports Kendra’s Law

Gannett Newspaper supports Kendra’s Law

Oped Support

Help Mentally Ill Inmates

Gannett Papers

NY Post on Remembering Kendra Webdale

Sheldon Silver on Kendra’s Law

Pat Webdale on daughter Kendra

Help mentally Ill New Yorkers

Right to Mental Illness

Michael Biasotti: Police Chief

Make Kendra’s Law Permanent

Albany Times Union Mary Barber

Organizational Support

List of Mental Health and other supporters

NAMI/NYS Testimony

2005 TAC Testimony

2005 Jaffe Testimony

Former NYS OMH Commissioner

NYS Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

Westchester Police Chiefs

Mid-Hudson Police

Windsor Police

Orange County Police

Portchester Chiefs of Police


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