About DJ Jaffe and Links to Media Hits

DJ JaffeDJ Jaffe is Executive Director of the independent, non-partisan Mental Illness Policy Org., and author of Insane Consequences: How the Mental Health Industry Fails the Mentally IllFor over 30 years, he has been advocating to reduce homelessness, arrest, incarceration and needless hospitalization of the most severely mentally ill, a group he believes has been ignored by CMHS, SAMHSA, many mental health advocates and systems, and offloaded to criminal justice.  He served on the national NAMI board and was a founding board member of the Treatment Advocacy Center and works extensively with criminal justice because they have become the experts on serious mental illness. DJ is a go-to source for reporters covering serious mental illness and criminalization. His thoughtful and controversial op-eds have appeared the New York TimesWashington PostWall St. Journal and other publications. He is credited as being the driving force behind Kendra’s Law and Congress incorporated ideas proposed by DJ in the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. DJ develops policies focused on returning responsibility for the seriously back to mental health departments by increasing the number of hospital beds, making civil commitment easier, expanding use of Assisted Outpatient Treatment, and focusing mental health dollars on those who need help the most, rather than the least. He lives in Harlem, NY.

Links to Articles Published, Mentions, and Quotes

Publication DateLink
Perma 12/19/19DJ Jaffe Speech at White House Mental Illness Summit- CSPAN
PermaDJ Jaffe TedTalk
Perma 10/1/2018John Stossel Interviews DJ Jaffe Video
12/31/2019Mental Illness partially responsble for attack on Monsey Rabbi
12/21/19DJ Jaffe on Fox & Friends
12/18/19NY Post oped about NYC Mental Health Failures
12/13/19New Orleans Speech: What Criminal Justice Teaches Us About Mental Illness
12/12/19Oped in The Hill "Kamala Harris Drops Out, But Her Mental Health Plan Should Live On
11/20/19City Journal oped on Mental Health Courts
11/19/29Philanthropy Magazine Highlights Us
10/23/19DJ Jaffe interviewed by Dr. Drew
10/11/19NY Post oped on DeBlasio Task Force
10/9/19Daily News oped on killing of homeless by mentally ill
10/4/19Oped in City Journal on NYC Public Advocate Proposals
9/20/19Oped in The Hill on Trump Proposals
9/13/19StatNews Oped on Federal Reforms
9/6/19National Review Oped on Red Flag Laws
6/22/19Spoke at Greenburger Forum on Incarceration
5/11/19NY Post, How to fix NY Mental Health Crisis Without Spending More
5/6/19RollCall quotes us on CCBHCs
4/15/2019Philanthropy Magazine Highlights Us
3/26/2019Daily News Editorial mentions my work to bring Failure of ThriveNYC to public attention
3/26/2019On Inside City hall to talk about ThriveNYC
3/25/19NY Post op ed on questions to ask Chirlane about ThriveNYC
3/25/2019Washington Examiner oped: NYC & CA have same problem
3/25/19NY Post op ed on questions to ask Chirlane about ThriveNYC
3/12/2019Daily News Editorial mentions my work to bring Failure of ThriveNYC to public attention
3/11/2019Wrote Daily News oped criticizing ThriveNYC
3/11/19On NY-1 Discussing Failure of ThriveNYC
2/27/19 Quoted in Politico on Failure of ThriveNYC
1/14/2019 Wrote Fox News oped on need for warning labels if marijuana legalized
1/14/19Quoted in Orange County Register on Laura's Law
1/14/19 Wrote Daily News oped critical of ThriveNYC
1/8/2019My oped in USAToday urges states to put strong warning labels on marijuana
1/6/2019 Quoted in Buffalo News about guy in hospital for 18 years after NGRI
12/26/2018Editorial in The Oklahoman on Fed Mental Health policy quotes me
12/20/2018Interviewed on Andrew Klavan Show (podcast) on Daily Wire at 28:14 in
12/20/2018Wrote oped in National Review on progress at SAMHSA
12/19/2018Quoted in The Crime Report, re: Mental Health Courts
12/18/2018Quoted in Mother Jones on using mental health funds for ineffective Suicide Awareness.
12/18/2018Oklahoma News Editorial board quotes my Manhattan Institute piece on ADA.
12/18/2018Wrote oped in National Review re: ISMICC Report
12/18/2018Quoted in oped in The Hill, re: ISMICC Report
12/10/2018on NY1 Inside City Hall on ADA Lawsuits
12/10/2018Oped in City Journal on using ADA/Olmstead suits to empty hospitals
11/28/2018Quoted in Denver starts mental illness sales tax
11/22/2018Speedy, informative no-frills interview with Elizabeth Kelley on AuthorsChat Radio
11/19/2018Extensively quoted in NJ Record about Jesus Lopez who killed mom in NJ
11/14/2018Quoted in Crains on Azar allowing Medicaid for IMDs
11/13/2018Quoted in Daily Beast on Trump blaming mentally ill for violence
11/9/2018Was on Joe Piscopo's am970 The Answer radio show
11/9/2018Wrote National Review that seriously mentally ill are more violent
11/3/2018Quoted in Politico NY on Malliotakis Mental health plan
10/31/2018Interviewed on Capitol Pressroom on how Trump substance abuse plan may negatively affect mentally ill
10/29/2018Radio interview by Frank Morano WYNE 10/29 show. Starts 14 minutes in
10/27/2018Video of Manhattan Inst forum on Serious Mental Illness with Pete Earley, Asst. Sec. Mental Health, Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz and DJ Jaffe
10/18/2018Oped in Daily News: Don't blame police for mental health system failures
10/13/2018Op-ed in The Hill on who will replace Tim Murphy as mental illness advocate
10/5/2018Author DJ Jaffeto speak on mental health issues at NAMI event on Oct. 8 at Lincoln Grant Scholar House in Northern Kentucky
10/5/2018Quoted in Politico Pulse on CMHS getting a new head.
10/4/2018Quoted in San Diego Union Trib in article on conservatorships
10/4/2018Quoted in Pittsburgh Gazette on Murphy not running for re-election
10/2/2018Interviewed by The Crime Report on “Insane Consequences”
9/17/2018Oped in National Review "How a 1999 Subway Pushing Changed the Nation's Mental-Health System"
9/15/2018Recorded one-hour podcast for Federalist Radio Hour on “Insane Consequences”
9/14/2018Am quoted on MHFA not working in WSJ
9/14/2018Wrote oped in Real Clear Health on Suicide
9/13/2018Pete Earley did Q&A with me
9/13/2018Featured in 8 minute video by John Stossel (not public yet)
9/13/2018Wrote National Review oped on death of Domenici
9/11/2018Quoted in NY Times on Andrew Goldstein release & Kendra's Law
9/9/2018Podcast (Intro starts at 3min in, I start at 9 minutes in)
9/4/2018NY Magazine Deep Dive on Kendras Law has two paragraphs on my work
9/4/2018Marshall Project Deep Dive on Kendra's law with my picture
9/1/2018My National Review on ISMICC Meeting
8/28/2018Oped in City Journal questioning op-ed by Elyn Saks
8/22/2018Reporter Errol Louis extensively credits me in NY Daily News oped
8/20/2018Brooklyn Eagle quotes on NYC Maliotakis mental illness plan
8/14/2018Quoted by Carolyn Gorman in NY Post oped on mental illness
8/14/2018CBS quotes on support of Malliotakis Mental Illness plan
8/8/2018Modesto Bee quotes on attempts to implement Laura's Law in Stanislaus
8/7/2018Quoted in deep-dive BBC story on AOC
8/5/2018Press Democrat (Sonoma, CA)quotes on state of mental healthsystem
7/31/2018Video of my presentation to Louisiana Health Summit
7/20/2018My Op-ed in NY Post on Police Shooting
7/19/2018Quoted in National Review
7/18/2018Extensively quoted in Daily News on NYPD Officer shooting
7/12/2018Interviewed on Capital Press Room re: NYPD Shooting
7/12/2018My Op-ed in National Review on Fed mental Health policy, re NYPD Shooting
7/11/2018Chirlane Mccray responds to my Daily News and someone mentions me
7/8/2018Clip of my comments on InFocus with Cheryl Wills this weekend on how to reduce suicide
7/6/2018Book Review in National REview
6/29/2018An article in Psychiatric Times says Peer support does work in response to mine saying it doesn't.
6/26/2018Quoted on Inside Health, re: IMD Exclusion
6/24/2018Letter in Sacramento Bee on waste of MHSA funds
6/16/2018Allen Frances reviews book in Psychiatric Times
6/15/2018Pete Earley blogs on my TEDTalk
6/15/2018Recording of my presentation to NAMI in California
6/14/2018Oped in Gotham Gazette (Citizen's Union) Make Help People with Mental Illness: Make Kendra's Law Permanent
6/8/2018The Heartland Institute ran a podcast interview of me
6/5/2018The Heartland Institute, an influential think-tank, highlighted my work in a blog.
5/21/2018My NY Times letter: media should show dead bodies of mass shootings to help public understand horror
5/18/2018San Luis Obispo Supervisor writes in Tribune, that Insane Consequences is one of favorite books
5/18/2018Heritage Blog about the forum
5/16/2018The Daily Signal (Heritage) article on Heritage Fdt. Forum
5/13/2018Quoted in NY Post editorial on De Blasio Mental Health policy
5/12/2018Quoted in Albuquerque Journal on need for hospitals (as result of MI Forum)
5/11/2018Spoke at Heritage Foundation on Severe Mental Illness (at 14:55)
5/11/2018Quoted in Stat on McCance-Katz nomination
5/10/2018Quoted in USAToday on NC Man held 48 days before declared incompetent
5/10/2018Wrote oped with Carolyn Gorman in City Journal on DeBlasio Failure
5/5/2018Pete Earley reviews book
5/3/2018Manhattan Institute Podcast on Federal, NYS & NYC mental health policy
5/2/2018Allen Frances reviews book
5/2/2018City Hall Testimony on ThriveNYC (I start at 1:31)
4/30/2018On InFocus TV Show with Cheryl Wills, re: ThriveNYC & Kendra's Law renewal
4/26/2018Oped in City Journal on McCance Katz nomination to be Asst. Sec.
4/24/2018Am quoted extensively in Pittsburgh Gazette in favor of McCance-Katz
4/23/2018Quoted in WSJ on appointment of Dr. McCance Katz as Assistant Sec.
4/22/2018Oped in the Hill against Celebrity Centric mental Health Policy
4/17/2018oped on Kendra's Law renewal in Daily News
4/17/2018Book Reviewed in NY Journal of Books
4/14/2018Capital Pressroom on release of my book
4/12/2018WNYC Airs segment that has me criticizing 1800 NYC WELL Helpline
4/12/2018Interviewed on Brian Lehrer with Mike Biasotti on NYC Mental health policy & police shooting
4/10/2018Quoted by Errol Louis inNY Daily News
4/9/2018On Joe Piscopo Radio with Frank Morano (move timeline to 24:45 if you want to skip to my segment)
4/9/2018Oped in National Review. Police should stand up to mental health advocates
4/7/2018NY Post editorial mentions op-ed by myself &Carolyn “Don't blame the cops for the Saheed Vassell tragedy, but the city's mental-health system”
4/6/2018On Inside City Hall with Louis Erroll, re: Saheed Vassell shooting
4/6/2018Brian Lehrer asks de Blasio about my op-ed in NY Post
4/6/2018NY Post oped on Saheed Vassell shooting
3/30/2018ReviewInsane Consequences by James Panero, editor of New Criterion.
3/27/2018Susan Arbetter of Capitol Press Room interview on NYS Senate passingKendra's Law bill
3/26/2018Wrote op-ed in Washington Examiner on Trump Crim Justice Counsel
3/21/2018Radio show in New Orleans with Janet Hayes
3/20/2018Quoted on failure of NYC 2 treat SMI, re, E.R. worker killed in Bronx
3/17/2018NY Post picks up my Washington Post oped
3/13/2018Oped in Washington Post on link between vioelnce and mental illness, re: Parkland
3/12/2018Fred Dicker had me on his radio show (listen at 22:30)
3/8/2018Oklahoman Editorial on Asst. Sec. extensively quotes me
3/7/2018Albany Times Union picked up op-ed by Biasotti and I on NYS Mental Health/Gun policy
3/5/2018Wrote on NYS Mental Health Policy for City Journal with Mike Biasotti in light of Parkland
3/2/2018Quoted in Daily News on apologetic mentally ill subway pusher
3/1/2018Crains NY Business on Manhattan Inst. Beat Forum on SMI w/Belkin
3/1/2018Crains NY Business on Manhattan Inst. Beat Forum on SMI w/Belkin
2/28/2018Faith in Recovery Radio Show with Anthony Acampara Recording of my 1/2 hour interview with @AnthonyU21357 on Faith in Recovery radio show.
2/28/2018Video of the Manhattan Institute forum I spoke at. I am at 11:52
2/20/2018Oped in The Hill on Parkland Shooting
2/15/2018Quoted in Politico on Nikolas Cruz Parkland Shooting
2/14/2018Article in Psychiatric Times. “Peer support is not evidence based practice”
2/10/2018Book Reviewed on Psych Central
2/7/2018Oped in The Hill in opposition to Guns for mentally ill
1/12/2018Oped in The Hill in defense of SAMHSA implementing science.
1/6/2018Quoted in Buffalo News Story about guy in hospital for 18 years after NGRI
1/5/2018Wrote oped with Carolyn Gorman on subway pushing in Daily News
1/4/2018Wrote oped in City Journal on Subway pushing and Cuomo State of State
1/4/2018Quoted in Daily News on subway pushing
12/20/2017Cspan Manhattan Inst forum
9/5/2017Quoted in Crime Report about CIT
6/2/2017Book reviewed in Modesto Bee
5/15/2017Wrote oped in Foxes & Hounds on CA Mental Illness problems
12/31/2016Former CMHS CMO Ken Thomson LTE in Pittsburgh Post Gazette criticizes me
12/24/2016Post-Gazette picked up my City Journal Piece on draining the swamp at SAMHSA
12/14/2016Donald Trump Should Drain The Swamp At SAMHSA And CMHS
12/12/2016Real Clear Health ran oped on need for Trump to appoint good Asst. Sec
12/7/2016Quoted in US News and World Report on what ending Obamacare would do
12/7/2016City Journal on need to pick good Asst. Sec. to make Cures Act work
12/7/2016Politico Health Pulse highlights my article in City Journal
11/19/2016Quoted in NY Post Editorial on de Blasio mental health policy
11/14/2016Appeared on Metrofocus (PBS TV, Ch 13) on deBlasio. Tape is here
11/8/2016Oped in Daily News on Subway pushing
10/6/2016City Journal on NY Times op-ed suggesting psychosis is 'enriching'
9/15/2016Huffington Post on Clinton Mentla Health Plan
9/14/2016The Mighty on Clinton Mental Health Plan
9/13/2016Wrote Pete Earley blog on Federal MH legislation.
9/12/2016Quoted in US News and World Report criticizing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
9/6/2016For National Review on Clinton Mental Health Plan
8/29/2016Quoted by USA Today on Hillary Clinton releasing mental health plan
8/29/2016Wrote in Huffington Post about Hillary Mental Health Plan
7/17/2016Quoted by NBC
6/13/2016Quoted in Washinton Examiner on Murphy bill
6/10/2016Quoted in National Review Editorial
6/8/2016Extensively quoted in Ripon Advance on HR2646 about to be marked up
6/6/2016Huffington Post. Major Mental Health Bills Ignore Serious Mental Illness
6/1/2016National Review. Rep. Fred Upton should not ignore seriously mentally ill
5/31/2016NonProfit Quarterly. On value of treatment vs. hate crime bill to protect officers
4/3/2016Bronx Chronicle on Murphy bill (Ghosted and quoted org)
4/2/2016National Review SAMHSA employees say agency fails
3/31/2016NY Post on Manhattan Inst. forum
3/29/2016City Journal on Murphy Bill
3/17/2016On Capital Pressroom (Albany) starting at 36:40
3/15/2016Quoted in Mental Health Weekly on Senate HELP Committee Bill
3/15/2016Quoted in Contra Costa Times on Failure to use Laura's Law in Mendocino
3/14/2016National Review on Senate HELP Committee bill
2/17/2016Brian Lehrer NPR show plays interview with DJ to NYC first lady Chirlane McCray and asks her to respond to charges that NYC ignores seriously mentally ill
2/12/2016Quoted extensively in City Limits article on mental illness and criminal justice
2/3/2016Interviewed on Brian Lehrer show (NPR, NYC) on violence by mentally ill in NYC
1/29/2016Letter in Washington Post, Re: Obama oped on reducing solitary confinement
1/22/2016Quoted in Washington Examiner story that discusses what's going on with national mental health reform
1/18/2016National Review on Paul Ryan announcing support for mental health reform
1/1/2016Mentioned by Rich Lowry in his nationally syndicated column
12/30/2015National Review on Chicago police shooting
12/28/2015Huffington Post on Chicago police shooting
12/8/2015Op-ed in Manhattan Institute City Journal on NYC mental health system
11/28/2015Letter in New York Times
11/25/2015On NY1 News criticizing de Blasio mental healthplan
11/25/2015On NY's "The Call" to criticize de Blasio mental health plan
11/18/2015Huffington Post on federal mental health legislation
11/16/2015Op-ed in New York Post on serious mental illness in NYC
11/13/2015Quoted in DNA, re: de Blasio mental health Plan
11/12/2015Guest blog for Pete Earley on federal legislation
10/29/2015Letter in Sacramento Bee on Rep.Matsui failure to support mental health reform
10/26/2015Quoted in Washington Examiner article on Smart Drugs
10/17/2015Ghosted op-ed in Washington Examiner for Rep. Murphy
10/2/2015Huffington Post article on shooting of ten at Umpqua College in Oregon
10/2/2015Interviewed for half hour on WTUL (New Orleans) on federal mental health legislation
9/30/2015Wrote Huffington Post article on waste and fraud in mental health spending
9/24/2015Wrote National Review oped on Representatives Upton and Pallone
8/6/2015Quoted in CBS story on De Blasio mental health plan
8/5/2015Manhattan Institute op-ed on NYC mental illness policy
8/4/2015National Review op-ed on mental health industry impeding mental illness reform
7/8/2015Letter in Observer, re: Murphy bill
7/2/2015Letter in Washington Post on police shootings of mentally ill
4/24/2015National Review. Hillary's mental health policy
4/22/2015Huffington Post. Book Review: Psychiatry Under the Influence
4/20/2015Washington Examiner on how new mental illness parity rules do NOT include parity for the most seriously mentally ill
4/11/2015Denver Post quotes DJ on NGRI
4/10/2015Bloomberg news
4/3/2015Wall St. Journal extensively quotes DJ on SAMHSA
2/11/2015USA Today on Murphy Hearing
2/6/2015Head of MHSOAC responds in SacBee to our op-ed on how MHSA fails
2/3/2015MHSA funds not reaching SMI
12/28/2014SF Chronicle editorial quotes us
12/26/2014Grand Forks Herald editorial quotes us extensively on MHSA (in CA!)
12/22/2014Pete Earley mentions my work in a blog
12/1/2014Ripon The Real Mental Health Crisis
11/19/2014WCBS TV re: subway pushing.
10/1/2014Politico on US. Commission on Civil Rights report on patient dumping
9/25/2014HuffPo on White House Intruder
9/9/2014Reporting on Health I wrote on Suicide Prevention
9/3/2014Psychology Today/HuffPo and others. Blog with Allen Frances on orgs Failing the Mentally Ill
8/6/2014Troy Record Letter on Rep. Tonko preventing help from reaching seriously mentally illl.
8/6/2014MIPO letter to editor in Philadelphia Inquirer, re: HR317
7/29/2014Op-ed in Philadelphia Inquirer on Gun Control quotes (and criticizes) us
7/25/2014Quoted by NBC on shooting at hospital in Darby PA (psychiatrist shot armed patient who shot doc)
7/22/2014My letter in Washington Post on Virginia Psych Bed Registry
7/15/2014Quoted in LA Times on LA Passing Laura's Law
7/14/2014KABC Eyewitness News quotes us on pending Laura's Law vote in LA
6/18/2014Pittsburgh City Paper on Murphy Bill. Am quoted
6/12/2014Albany Times Union op-ed on Tonko opposing HR3717
5/30/2014Daily Beast on Congressional Forum on Serious Mental Illness
5/29/2014Cspan Broadcasts Murphy Hearing (My testimony at 19:19)
5/29/2014NY Times “Room For Debate” on HIPAA
5/29/2014Voice of America on Murphy bill
5/23/2014OC Register op-ed by Leisl Stoufer extensively quotes us
5/18/2014Politico on Murphy Bill (behind pay wall)
5/16/2014Orange County Register on Laura's Law published my letter
5/13/2014USA Today on Mental Illness
5/8/2014USA Today on difference between Murphy bill and Barber bill
5/7/2014Politico (Behind Pay Wall) On Barber Mental Health bill
5/7/2014Arizona Star on Barber MH Bill
5/7/2014Pittsburg Gazette on Barber Mental Health bill
4/8/2014Businessweek on TAC Jail Study and me on how Murphy Bill prevents incarceration
3/2/2014Interviewed for North Carolina paper
2/13/2014City Journal: Gov Cuomo: Just Say No. Keep Hospitals Open
1/22/2014Letter to Editor Hartford, CT Courant
1/5/2014Tesitifed at Murphy Hearings (19:20 in)
12/26/2013NY Times letter (AOT reduces violence, pass HR3717, re: Guns and Mentally Ill)
12/19/2013San Diego Union Tribune op-ed (DC, Sacramento and San Diego should focus on SMI)
12/14/2013Law Enforcement Today op-ed (HR 3717 reduces police involvement with seriously mentally ill)
12/12/2013National Review (HR3717)
10/22/2013WNYC: NYC has plan to monitor first episode psychosis (quoted)
10/17/2013LA Times Letter (Laura's Law careduce prison overcrowding)
10/15/2013Albany Times Union op-ed: Mentally Ill Need Treatment Not Incarceration (Ghosted)
10/8/2013NY Daily News: Stabbing suspect lived in homeless shelter (quoted)
10/2/2013Gothamist: Riverside Stabbing (quoted)
10/1/2013New York Times after stabbing of 5 in Riverside Park (quoted)
9/27/2013Huffington Post op-ed on new book: American Psychosis (book review)
9/26/2013Tacoma, WA News Tribune: Treatment not jail for mentally ill (quoted)
9/26/2013Bellingham (WA) Herald: Treatment not jail for mentally ill (quoted)
9/20/2013National Review: Op-ed on proposals by Congressman Murphy (op-ed)
9/19/2013Daily News: Treatment before Tragedy (op-ed)
9/18/2013National Review: Save the Hospitals (after Navy Yard Shootings) (op-ed)
8/29/2013Sacramento Bee on bussing mentally ill released from Nevada hospitals (quoted)
8/23/2013Orange County Register:Did feeding frenzy divert funds intended for mentally ill? (quoted)
8/19/2013Huffington Post: New report details massive misspending in California mental health funds (oped)
8/16/2013San Francisco Chronicle: Mental Health Act raised expectations, not services (quoted)
8/15/2013Los Angeles Times: Lack of oversight on mental health spending (quoted)
8/15/2013National Review on SAMHSA after Newtown (with Dr. Fuller Torrey)
8/14/2013San Diego Union Tribune: Mental Health Act was Bait and Switch
8/6/2013Huffington Post: Review of Brainwashed: Mindless neuroscience
7/30/2013New York Times: Program compelling mental illness treatment works
7/30/2013National Review: Treating Mental Illness
12/18/2012Huffington Post (HR 3717 reduces mental health spending, increases mental illness spending)
12/15/2012Sacramento Bee quoted (Nevada Hospital dumps mentally ill patients)