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Mental Illness in NYC & NYS and Kendra's Law (Assisted Outpatient Treatment/AOT) Home Page

Explanation of Kendra's Law

12/14: Deblasio Panel on Mentally Ill at Rikers fails.

How De Blasio Panel could have reduced incarceration of mentally ill

NYC Dept. of Mental Health Fails to serve seriously ill

Kendra's Law Overview
Guide to Kendra's Law
Uncivil Liberties: Most Important article on site
Text of Kendra's Law
300 Preventable Tragedies in NYS

Summary 10 Kendra's Law Studies (PDF)

Contacts and How to Get in Kendra's Law (AOT)

Serious Mental Illness in NYS & Kendra's Law on Facebook

Serious Mental Illness Policy Developments

Serious Mental Illness in NYC/NYS in Media

Opposition to Kendra's Law



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